Andy WARHOL, Self-portrait, 1979.
Polaroid dye diffusion print, 81.9 x 55.9 cm.
Andy WARHOL, Skull, 1976. 

Andy WARHOL, Black Bean, 1968.

 Andy WARHOL, Self-Portrait, 1967.

Andy WARHOL, Self-Portrait, 1986.

Andy WARHOL, Electric Chair, 1964.

Andy WARHOL, Marilyn Diptych, 1962.

Andy WARHOL, pochette de l'album Menlove Ave, John LENNON, 1986.

Andy WARHOL, pochette de l'album The Velvet Underground and Nico, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, 1967.

Andy WARHOL, pochette de l'album Love You Live, THE ROLLING STONES, 1977.

 Andy WARHOL, Autoportrait en travesti, 1981, Foundation for the Visual arts.

 Andy WARHOL, Self-Portrait in Drag, 1981.

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